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Boat Cruise FAQs

If you are skeptical whether to take a boat cruise experience this vacation or not let help you clear the queries out of your head. Once you are thoroughly convinced then only book your cruise tickets.

    1. Why should I book a cruise ticket?

    A. Cruises are fun way to travel from one location to another. You spend the travel time either watching movies are engaging in fun activities on board a ship. You get to eat all your favorite cuisines and interact with new people.

    2. What are the difference between a traditional and a non-traditional cruise?

    A. A traditional cruise has a prescheduled dining hours and dress codes. On traditional cruises men prefer to wear suits while women are dressed in their cocktail dresses for dinner. A completely opposite set of rules prevail in a non traditional boat cruise. Here there is absolutely no dress code and one is free to wear what he is most comfortable in. Dining arrangements are casual and there are no obligations with whom and where you sit to dine.

    3. Which room should I book on a cruise?

    A. Cruises have different rooms available that differ in price and location. A room with a balcony may cost higher than a room that is more on the inside with less connection with the cruise activities. If you prefer staying aloof and by yourself then an inside room with probably a oceanview makes perfect sense. If you sure to be more outside your room then inside you better book a room that is less expensive since your only need for a room would be to sleep in it.

    4. How can I decide which cruise would be ideal for my kid?

    A. When you want to make your kid's holiday a memorable time, make sure the cruise you book has loads of activities for children like swimming, games, video games, indoor and outdoor, ice skating, miniature golf, etc. You may confirm this well in advance since you would not like an unhappy face of your child while onboard.

    5. Why to pay port charges?

    A. Port charges are required to be paid as they cover taxes levied by the government, rent for using the port and its maintenance charges.

    6. What are the various communication options available onboard a ship?

    A. Cruises today are well prepared to provide all kinds of communication possible to help people keep in touch with their work or homes. Telephones, emails, new channels, internet cafes.

    7. What do I do if I feel sea sick?

    A. Motion sickness is rare when we are talking about large ships since cruises make use of powerful stabilizers to avoid these motions. Ships also select calm water for sail to ensure smooth journey for its passengers onboard. In case, you experience motion sickness there are medical aids available on cruise to help you out.

    8. Is paying a tip absolutely necessary on a cruise?

    A. Whether to tip or not is entirely your sole decision. Most ships follow a no tip policy but with other cruises, you can afford to spend $ 7 - $ 8 dollars a day to take care of waiters and stewards.


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